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Practical Deep Learning for Developers


This discussion of available Deep Learning APIs from various cloud services included demonstrations of numerous AWS deep learning services through the AWS console and the enclosed Python Code Samples.

Event Info


Deep Learning is more accessible than ever, but most developers have not had an opportunity to use this technology first-hand. Jason Klein with Logic Forte will cover practical examples to use Deep Learning services and models that you can integrate into your applications.

Jason demonstrates how to use existing cloud APIs to access existing Deep Learning models (e.g. analyze/identify photos and videos, language processing and sentiment analysis, build chatbots that respond to text or audio questions, convert text to lifelike speech, convert speech or voicemail to text, and translate text to/from any language).

Jason has published the code examples that were shared during his presentation. Although the API examples are specific to AWS, Google, Microsoft, and IBM provide similar APIs. Refer to the table below for links to equivalent Deep Learning services from the other providers.


We discussed the following topics. View the Presentation Slides for more details.

  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • Image Recognition
  • Video Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Conversational Interfaces
  • Text to Speech, Speech to Text
  • Language Translation

Services by Cloud Provider

Although we explored Deep Learning Models provided as services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), similar services are available through the various cloud hosting providers.

I also included several services only available on other platforms, such as Voice Verification, Spell Check, and Time Correlation. If a provider does not already offer a pre-trained Deep Learning model that meets your needs, explore the Machine Learning services provided by each platform.

Service Amazon Google Microsoft IBM
Image Recognition Rekognition Vision Vision, Face, Moderator Visual
Video Analysis Rekognition Video Intelligence Video, Moderator Captioning, Enrichment
Natural Language Processing Comprehend Natural Language Text Analyitcs, Language Understanding, QnA Maker, Moderator Classify, Understanding, Discovery, Tone, Personality, News
Conversational Interfaces Lex Dialogflow Bot Service Assistant, Voice Agent
Text to Speech Polly Text to Speech Text to Speech Text to Speech
Speech to Text Transcribe Speech to Text Speech to Text Speech to Text
Language Translation Translate Translation Translation Translator
Voice Verification N/A N/A Verification N/A
Spell Check N/A N/A Spell Check N/A
Time Series Correlation N/A Inference Insights N/A
Machine Learning SageMaker AutoML Machine Learning Machine Learning

Updated 10/04/2018

Event Details

Presented by Jason Klein (Logic Forte) to Springfield Web Developers on Wednesday October 3rd, 2018 at The eFactory in Springfield Missouri



Deep Learning API Examples (AWS) from Springfield Web Developer Talk 2018







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