The ultimate WordPress snippet collection for Visual Studio Code.
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The ultimate WordPress snippet collection for Visual Studio Code

  • Snippets for every WordPress function, class and constant.
  • Easy function completion with argument type hints and tab stops in all the right places.
  • New in 1.2.0: Emmet-style abbreviations for all functions. For example, type gtp for the get_template_part function. (2 letter minimum)
  • WordPress API Support: 4.9.8
    • 3,062 Functions
    • 385 Classes
    • 516 Constants
  • Docs:
  • Love this extension? More great tools for WordPress developers:
    • Plugin Explorer - Alternative Plugin search engine. Instantly see the most popular/best-rated plugins for a given term. Filter results by ratings, popularity and more.


These snippets are bound to the PHP language context. Your cursor will need to be inside a set of PHP tags.

Problems? Comments?

Reach me on Twitter: @j_pomer