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My config files for fish, vim, screen, and git.
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First, clone this repo onto your system:

$ git clone && cd Dotfiles


To have full features of those dotfiles, you need to install the following packages/softwares:


Fish Profile

  • Show Git status on prompt.
  • Lighter color configure.

Git Exclude Files

  • .DS_Store
  • *.swp

Git Shortcuts

  • git br = git branch
  • git ci = git commit
  • git co = git checkout
  • git lg = git log --graph --oneline
  • git st = git status

Vim Configurates

  • Show syntax highlight and line number.
  • Remember last cursor position for each file.
  • Disable backup setting.
  • Enable auto indent/smart indent.
  • Indent = 2 whitespaces (html, xml, css, scss, yaml, vim) or 4 whitespaces (others).

Vim Shortcuts

  • <leader>y (visual mode): Copy selected content into clipboard.
  • <leader>x (visual mode): Cut selected content into clipboard.
  • <leader>p (normal mode): Paste clipboard content.
  • <leader>t (normal mode): Shortcut for :tabnew.
  • <leader>g (normal mode): Toggle Tagbar window.
  • > (visual mode): Indent selected lines.
  • < (visual mode): Unindent selected lines.
  • > (normal mode): Indent current line.
  • < (normal mode): Unindent current line.
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