Parses your markup and replaces the references to external assets with inline code
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Parses your markup and replaces the references to external assets with inline code.


asset-inliner helps you optimize your pages by giving you the option to:

  • automatically inline all stylesheet & JavaScript files it finds in your markup.
  • manually inline only the files you choose by appending data-inline="true" to the element(s) markup.

Getting Started

npm install --save asset-inliner


var AssetInliner = require( "asset-inliner" );
var assetInliner = new AssetInliner();

assetInliner.process( "markup.html", function( error, markup ) {
  if ( error ) {
    console.log( error );
  console.log( markup ); // markup with the stylesheets & javascripts inlined.


new AssetInliner( options )

Name Type Argument Default Description
options Object <optional> Configuration options.
options.manual boolean <optional> false Manually define the assets that should be inlined.

AssetInliner.process( filePath, callback )

Name Type Argument Description
filePath string <required> The path to the markup file to be parsed.
callback function <required> The callback that handles the formatted markup.

callback( error, markup )

Name Type Argument Description
error Error <required> Any errors that may have occured.
markup string <required> The updated markup with the assets inlined


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality.


Copyright (c) 2014 Jason Bellamy
Licensed under the MIT license.