Javascript Engineer Skill Test
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GumGum - JavaScript Engineering Skill Exercises


Welcome! Thank you for your interest in working on the GumGum JavaScript Engineering team!

Our team works exclusively with JavaScript, and tasks can include anything from writing "plain" JavaScript to building full web applications with a framework, and from frontend to backend. As a team, we value communication, trying new things, and sharing knowledge. Core concepts for us include manipulating data and working with React and Flux/Redux. Therefore, we have designed the following to be as relevant as possible to the type of things you will be working with.


  • There are a few exercises below. You don't have to do every one, but the more you do helps us get a better idea of your experience. Or, describing how you would implement or providing psuedocode is also helpful.
  • Each file has some instructions. Feel free to modify the files when you submit it back and to structure your files/code in any way you like.
  • You can use any online resources (as long as they are available for us).
  • We have an internal design system that you are welcome to use in your code.
  • Please let us know an ETA for your submission (preferably within 7 days).

Things to consider

  • Please be considerate while coding and consider how your code might be read/understood by other people.
  • We're not fans of jQuery 😂
  • We prefer ES6!
  • If you have any questions or suggestions, please ask or let us know!


  1. Markup
  2. Dog App
  3. Small Functions - These are the least important to us, but we have included them because they're small exercises that can get interesting in various approaches.