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= PhpDbMigration - full PHP database migration tool =

This is a full standalone PHP tool inspired by the rails database migration tool and MyBatis.
It merge the functionnality of the two tools and has been desined to be as flexible as possible.

== Initialization ==

The first time the tool is run, it needs a first initialization like the following:

./migrate --init --driver=<driver> --database=<database> --host=<host> --login=<db_login> --password=<db_password> --changelog=<changelog_table_name>


./migrate --init --driver=pgsql --database=php_migration_test --host=localhost --login=my_login --password=my_password --changelog=changelog

wich will create the following directories/files



just edit/change the environment ini files in order to match with your database access.

== Usage ==

Usage: ./migrate command [parameters] [--env=<environment>]

  --env=<environment>       Environment to configure. Default environment is 'dev'.
  --generate <description>  Creates a new migration with the provided description.
  --up                      Run unapplied migrations, ALL by default.
  --up=<version>            Run unapplied migrations up to version (included).
  --down                    Undoes migrations applied to the database. ONE by default.
  --down=<version>          Undoes migrations applied to the database. Down to version (included).
  --force                   Run or undoes only specified migration (not recommended).
  --transactional           Rollback all applied migration up or down on error.
  --status                  Show migrations status (applied, unapplied ect...).

./migrate [--generate <migration_name>]
./migrate [--up | --up=<version> | --down | --down=<version>] [--transactional] [--force] [--env=<environment>]
./migrate [--status] [--env=<environment>]