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PyMyDB Backup Script

This script has been tested on CentOS 5

Script setup:
To use:
1. Download the EPEL RPM which can be found at: http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/epel/
2. Install pymydb-0.5.1-1.noarch.rpm which can be found at: GitHub
    * This script creates the necessary directories and user account
3. After installation, there will be two scripts placed in /usr/local/bin which are pymydb.py and setup.py
4. Run the setup.py script, this will configure the pymydb.py script
    * Logs into the MySQL server
    * Creates the backup user, sets a password, and gives him select and lock tables privileges
    * Configures the email settings
5. Change the permissions on the pymydb.py script
    * chown root.pymydb pymydb.py
6. Add the pymydb.py script into cron and make sure to add a password for the system user