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v0.1.4-18120702 (beta)

  • Enhancement: reduce memory usage
  • Enhancement: quote style improvement
  • Enhancement: filter more duplicate content (most of all is RSS feed)
  • Enhancement: filter duplicate likes

v0.1.3-18120601 (production)

  • Enhancement: filter more duplicate image / content
  • Feature: mention ( internal / external network ) (extract timeline status user as cached user for later use)
  • System: Upgrade to AndroidX
  • UI: redesign compose dialog ( expand width / align bottom )
  • Enhancement: speed up / smooth timeline loading (cache website meta)
  • Enhancement: skip duplicate image (proxy image)

v0.1.2-18120202 (production)

  • Feature: Public Networks Timeline
  • Support: Android5.0+
  • Bug fixed

v0.1.1-18120101 (production)

  • Feature: sticker

v0.1.0-18113001 (production)

  • Fixed: some website preview icon not display
  • Fixed: some photo scale in wrong resolution
  • Fixed: reduce some denied photo

v-0.1.0-18112801 (beta)

  • Read without interruption (remember last sinceID)
  • Keep image origin resolution
  • Separate upload media and post status process for prevent photo not shown
  • Post status for public but suddenly become private privilege

v-0.0.9-18112501 (production release)

  • Feature: #nsfw function tag
  • Feature: share via DiCa
  • Locale: De enhancement
  • Locale: add Dutch


  • fixed: tag location not work
  • fixed: user page delete status hidden wrong index status
  • optimal: add timeout or error message when stream fetch error
  • optimal: reduce bandwidth and server loading

v-0.0.8-18112101 (Beta)

  • fixed: when delete status, hide wrong status index
  • fixed: post status w/ photo, GEO tag will forgot to upload
  • improve: UI change for user page
  • improve: UI when address fetched, view will refresh


  • feature: status menu (delete status / open link)
  • feature: status page photo can show fullscreen, and enable zoomIn
  • fixed: media photo don't reuse cookie, will show access deny icon (please clear cache for let image show again)
  • fixed: photo not cached
  • fixed: same photo show twice, should be filter


  • Feature: Support Diaspora* / Mastodon, and other who implement webFinger website
  • Feature: Click email will automatic dig user info, direct to use page, even data not exists on your network
  • Feature: All user page, when local status is not collected(before version will show empty data), DiCa now would dig this user public feed
  • Feature: Able to retweet Off-Site network status
  • Enhance: after posted status failure / success will display toast.

v0.0.5-18111501 (Beta)

  • Retweet
  • Status Content enhance
    • Style QUOTE
    • Style Recycling Status
    • Style TAG
    • Style Large font
    • Style Website info

v0.0.4-18111301 (Beta)

  • Bug fixed
  • Status Content enhance
    • Style QUOTE
    • Style Recycling Status
    • Style TAG


  • Show GPS location on status, enable click to open GoogleMap (require newest friendica API branch: develop)
  • Show status source if exists
  • Reusable cookies for reduce API server loading
  • Confirm fix photo access deny (clear cache require)
  • Filter (home) login site name
  • Bugs fixed

v0.0.3-18111102 (Beta)

  • Feature: favorites
  • Feature: able to see who likes
  • Bug fix
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