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"BookMeUp" uses the Amazon Product Advertising API to suggest related books to read based on a user's location and/or search query. This app is built with php, javascript, and html and optimized for mobile environments. Other APIs used for data sources include: MapFast from OCLC, the Worldcat Search API, and the Open Library Cover Image API. Demo:
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BookMeUp Template with PHP and Javascript

Sample code and files for creating a BookMeUp recommendation tool as a web site. Utilizes HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript to work, but one could substitute any server-side language for PHP. To see this application running live, visit:

These files are required:

  • index.php - the HTML to represent the web UI, contains some PHP
  • switch.php - the main logic, uses requests from index.php to load different HTML views
  • /meta/styles/m.css - the CSS to define the mobile interface style
  • /meta/scripts/global.js - the JavaScript used to provide the interface and UI effects
  • /views/*.html - HTML source files that switch.php uses to create views in app
  • /meta/img/* - image files for the web UI


  1. Download and unzip files.
  2. Open the /views/ directory.
  3. Each file in the /views/ directory represents a view that is displayed when a tab is clicked.
  4. Edit the HTML files and add your web site info where needed.
  5. Save files and upload to a public web directory.

NOTE: This web template is a foundation that has been tested on multiple mobile devices. It provides a jumping off point for mobile design, but you should feel free to customize to your specific needs by editing the CSS and other files that make up the UI.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at

More information and downloads for the project are available here:

For some best practices and the basics of how this application works, visit:


  • 2012/06/01 - Alpha release.
  • 2013/11/02 - Beta release.
  • 2015/01/08 - Version 1.0 release.
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