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An ActiveRecord/Rails library to add before_commit, after_commit, before_rollback and after_rollback callbacks. These callbacks are focused on the transactions, instead of specific model actions. This is beneficial in situations where you are doing asynchronous processing and need committed objects.


gem install after_commit --source


The following callbacks are provided:

  • before_commit
  • before_commit_on_create
  • before_commit_on_update
  • before_commit_on_destroy
  • after_commit
  • after_commit_on_create
  • after_commit_on_update
  • after_commit_on_destroy
  • before_rollback
  • after_rollback

You can use these just like you would any other callback:

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
  after_commit :method_to_call_after_commit
  # ...
  def method_to_call_after_commit
    # Do something knowing that the transaction is committed.


This code first appeared in a blog post by Eli Miller, and was then included in Thinking Sphinx by Pat Allan, with modifications from Joost Hietbrink. The code was then put on GitHub as a plugin by Nick Muerdter, and many people forked and added their own contributions.

This version (maintained by Pat Allan) includes the following patches: