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\pset pager
\pset null '∅'
\x auto
\set VERBOSITY verbose
\set HISTCONTROL ignoredups
\set PROMPT1 '%[%033]0;psql %/%007%]%/%R%# '
\set ON_ERROR_ROLLBACK interactive
\set rtsize '(select table_schema, table_name, pg_relation_size( quote_ident( table_schema ) || \'.\' || quote_ident( table_name ) ) as size, pg_total_relation_size( quote_ident( table_schema ) || \'.\' || quote_ident( table_name ) ) as total_size, reltuples from information_schema.tables inner join pg_class ON oid = concat(table_schema,\'.\',table_name)::regclass where table_type = \'BASE TABLE\' and table_schema not in (\'information_schema\', \'pg_catalog\') order by pg_relation_size( quote_ident( table_schema ) || \'.\' || quote_ident( table_name ) ) desc, table_schema, table_name)'
\set tsize '(select table_schema, table_name, pg_size_pretty(size) as size, pg_size_pretty(total_size) as total_size, reltuples from (:rtsize) x order by x.size desc, x.total_size desc, table_schema, table_name)'
\set trashindexes '( select s.schemaname as sch, s.relname as rel, s.indexrelname as idx, s.idx_scan as scans, pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(s.relid)) as ts, pg_size_pretty(pg_relation_size(s.indexrelid)) as "is" from pg_stat_user_indexes s join pg_index i on i.indexrelid=s.indexrelid left join pg_constraint c on i.indrelid=c.conrelid and array_to_string(i.indkey, '' '') = array_to_string(c.conkey, '' '') where i.indisunique is false and pg_relation_size(s.relid) > 1000000 and s.idx_scan < 100000 and c.confrelid is null order by s.idx_scan asc, pg_relation_size(s.relid) desc )'
\set missingindexes '( select src_table, dst_table, fk_name, pg_size_pretty(s_size) as s_size, pg_size_pretty(d_size) as d_size, d from ( select distinct on (1,2,3,4,5) textin(regclassout(c.conrelid)) as src_table, textin(regclassout(c.confrelid)) as dst_table, c.conname as fk_name, pg_relation_size(c.conrelid) as s_size, pg_relation_size(c.confrelid) as d_size, array_upper(di.indkey::int[], 1) + 1 - array_upper(c.conkey::int[], 1) as d from pg_constraint c left join pg_index di on di.indrelid = c.conrelid and array_to_string(di.indkey, '' '') ~ (''^'' || array_to_string(c.conkey, '' '') || ''( |$)'') join pg_stat_user_tables st on st.relid = c.conrelid where c.contype = ''f'' order by 1,2,3,4,5,6 asc) mfk where mfk.d is distinct from 0 and mfk.s_size > 1000000 order by mfk.s_size desc, mfk.d desc )'
\set active '(SELECT datname, pid, now() - query_start AS runtime, state, wait_event_type || \'/\' || wait_event AS wait, query FROM pg_stat_activity WHERE state <> \'idle\' AND pid <> pg_backend_pid() ORDER BY runtime DESC)'
\set index_usage '(select s.relname, s.seq_tup_read + s.idx_tup_fetch usage, (s.idx_tup_fetch/s.seq_tup_read::float)::decimal(18,4) index_ratio, s.seq_tup_read, s.idx_tup_fetch, s.seq_scan, s.n_live_tup, ((io.heap_blks_hit + io.idx_blks_hit)/((io.heap_blks_read + io.idx_blks_read)::float))::decimal(18,4) cache_hit_ratio FROM pg_stat_user_tables s INNER JOIN pg_statio_user_tables io ON s.relid = io.relid WHERE s.seq_tup_read + s.idx_tup_fetch > 0 AND s.n_live_tup > 5000 ORDER BY usage desc, cache_hit_ratio desc, index_ratio asc, s.seq_scan desc, s.n_live_tup desc)'
\set dbsizes '(SELECT datname AS name, pg_catalog.pg_size_pretty(pg_catalog.pg_database_size(datname)) AS size FROM pg_catalog.pg_database ORDER BY pg_catalog.pg_database_size(datname))'