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like a slideshow, but with a typo to make people not like it ever

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An HTML-based slideshow application that'll put hairs on your chest.

For more information, visit the project homepage. Please note that I've only coded the parts that make the project homepage work, so you might have to do some stuff to make the shit work for you.

In the case you actually improve on this hornswoggle, then please send me a patch. I'll probably accept anything, just as long as it doesn't add UI, or make the needed markup more complicated.

© d8uv, 2010. Dual-licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 US license, and the MIT License. Choose whatever makes you feel friskiest.

Also, I would prefer it if you attributed me in the source, and not your slideshows themselves. Bonus points if your attribution is as vulgar and bombastic as the source that it came from.

Just a note, if at any point you feel the urge to talk to me about licenses, then please save yourself the effort of trying to contact me, and just imagine me responding to your query with a bellowing “fuck you”.

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