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plugin to interact with jQuery UI tabs when there are too many tabs

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plugin to interact with jQuery UI tabs when there are too many tabs.

Plugin only renders "see more" tab/behavior when there are enough tabs to break to a second line - otherwise, tabs render normally.




    className: "plusTabs",    // allows for css scoping, default to .plusTabs
    seeMore: true,            // the seeMore functionality - set to false to manually trigger later
    seeMoreText: "More",      // configure "see more" copy
    showCount: true,          // show total count of tabs
    expandIcon: "▼ ",   // default is caret - can use other html elements. If using image, put image width inline
    dropWidth: "66%",         // width of dropdown list
    sizeTweak: 0              // # of pixels to subtract from active tab to adjust placement of "see more"


  • default selected tab option
  • remove dropwidth option (leave width to css styling)
  • add option - only move tabs to dropdown if they break to a second line ( versus current state, where all tabs move to dropdown if any tabs break to second line )
  • move drop placement out of plugin and into css (originally in code due to my own needs)
  • include cursor tabbing behavior for drop
  • Others? Unicorns?


Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:

(c) Jason Day 2012

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