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xiaoyang.yi yixiaoyang Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

eva evanie2016

focus on IT and Internet industry.

energy consulting wuhan,hubei China

ZY woaielf

fignting to become a data scientist~

Jarden Chen bayern39

BeiHang University BeiJIng,China

Li Xiang lix90

hire me, plz Chongqing, China

Boyang BZbyr



Xu Wang thunder112358

East China Normal University Shanghai

knight sherlockzoom

life is short, use python

condorheroes1995 condorheroes1995


gromit gro-mit

one step,one note.

Xu Jing Yi xujingyi46

Date processor of a bank

ICBC 安徽合肥

Talin yintaoxue

Lucene/Solr. Hadoop. Spark. Machine Learning.Open source. Beijing,China

TonyZhang TonyJZ

Wuhan University Calgary, CA

Xiaoliang Wang Xiaoliang1992

A Phd candidate from Beijing Institue of Technology and now is a visiting Phd student in The University of British Columbia.

Beijing Institute of Technology/The University of British Columbia Beijing/Kelowna

Uees uees

For over.

Personal China

CodingWang dontLoveBugs

Coding my kingdom!

Beijing, China