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jasonenglish commented Jul 1, 2012

Allow for grid to be contained within a bounding container.

  • Allow for optional: bottom, top, left or right edges
  • Elements won't be able to expand passed defined edges.
  • If an element would expand beyond the edge based on it's current properties, the overall size distribution is lessened to accommodate this feature. (ex: if box a expands to 500px, and resulting elements would get pushed 200px passed the right edge, the difference is lessend and distributed among affected elements so they do not go past the edge.)

villeiv commented Oct 8, 2012

Is this feature ready? how can I use it?

hey there, is there any news on this subject? I really need this feature.


jasonenglish commented Oct 20, 2012

Currently busy with some other projects, hopefully I can get to it in the coming months. If you would like to contribute, feel free, pull requests welcome!

sscovil commented Dec 22, 2012

Hey Jason, following up on my email -- I think I'm going to take a crack at seems like the best solution would be to use the container div width (and/or height) as the boundaries.

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