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Downloads and plays a YouTube playlist on loop on a Raspberry Pi
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FluxVision is a set of scripts for playing a YouTube playlist on loop on a Raspberry Pi. Anyone with access to a designated YouTube account can add a video to the playlist. This allows for simple administration of an easy to update, collaboratively-curated (if desired), looping video installation that doesn't require physical access to the player.

  • Videos are downloaded once (not streamed)
  • Automatically detects and downloads new videos when they are added to the YouTube playlist, usually available within one playthrough
  • Automatically mutes at night (times can be edited)
  • Support for a character LCD ticker that displays the title of the current video (requires Adafruit_Python_CharLCD)
  • Support for an external skip button that advances to the next video
  • Support for an external volume knob that adjusts video volume in real time (using a simple analog-to-digital converter with a linear potentiometer connected via GPIO pins)
  • Support for blacklisting videos by title (Add the blacklisted title or phrase as a line to 'blacklist.txt')
  • Recommended operating system is Raspbian Jessie, on which FluxVision was developed and stress tested. (Omxplayer was found to randomly hang between videos on Raspbian Wheezy.)


  1. Install youtube-dl
sudo pip install --upgrade youtube_dl
  1. Install omxplayer and libav-tools
sudo apt-get install omxplayer libav-tools
  1. Download FluxVision files to your Raspberry Pi
git clone
  1. Update "config.txt" with your playlist ID and other details.
cd FluxVision
nano config.txt
  1. (optional) Uncomment lines in "" if you are using a ticker, skip button, or volume knob
  1. Open /etc/rc.local:
sudo nano /etc/rc.local

and add this line so FluxVision starts at boot:

sudo -u pi /home/pi/FluxVision/
  1. (optional) Clear disk space for downloaded videos. If you're running Raspbian, this command can remove up to 1GB of applications you probably don't use.
sudo apt-get remove wolfram-engine minecraft-pi python-minecraftpi sonic-pi oracle-java8-jdk pistore scratch nuscratch python3-pygame
  1. Reboot! Videos play as soon as they're downloaded.
sudo reboot

Installation at Silent Barn

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