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<cfcomponent displayname="ColdFusion Twilio Library" output="false">
<cfset = "#hash(getCurrentTemplatePath())#">
<!--- To make things more portable lets just create a twilio mapping.... --->
<cfset this.mappings["/twilio"] = GetDirectoryFromPath(GetCurrentTemplatePath()) & "lib">
<cffunction name="onRequestStart" output="true">
<cfargument name="targetPage" />
<!--- To make things easy to edit we just include the settings file. --->
<cfinclude template="TwilioSettings.cfm" />
<!--- Create a new instance of the Twilio Lib, this can be stored in the App scope or elsewhere as a singleton... --->
<cfset REQUEST.TwilioLib = createObject("component", "twilio.TwilioLib").init(REQUEST.AccountSid, REQUEST.AuthToken, REQUEST.ApiVersion, REQUEST.ApiEndpoint) />