A variety of useful facts for Facter.
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A variety of useful facts for Facter.

Installation Instructions

To install the latest version from GitHub, just do:

git clone git@github.com:jasongill/facter-factpack.git $(facter rubysitedir)/facter/facter-factpack/

If you don't have git installed, try:

curl https://nodeload.github.com/jasongill/facter-factpack/tarball/master | tar -xzvf - -C $(facter rubysitedir)/facter/

Or, just manually put the files into your facter lib directory (most likely /usr/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/facter/ or similar).


Facts about block devices on a Linux system. Requires Linux 2.6+ and sysfs

  • blockdevices - Reports a comma-separated list of block devices on the system
  • blockdevice_<devicename> - Reports the device vendor and model name/number of each block device found in sysfs


Facts about web hosting platforms, currently supporting cPanel and Plesk, and with limited support for identifying H-Sphere and Sphera.

  • hostingplatform - Reports the name of the installed hosting platform (if any)
  • hostingplatformversion - Reports the version of the installed hosting platform
  • cpanelaccounts - Reports the number of cPanel accounts on the server
  • cpaneluser_<username> - A cpaneluser_<username> entry is reported for each cPanel user on the server, reporting the owner of the account and the primary domain of the account, concatenated with a comma. Example: cpaneluser_iota => root,ion9.com (that is, cPanel user "iota" has owner "root" (ie, not a resold account) and main domain name "ion9.com"). This has been tested on a server with over 2500 accounts and takes less than 3 seconds to generate (performance enhancements are welcomed!).
  • pleskclients - Reports the number of Plesk clients on the server
  • pleskdomains - Reports the number of Plesk domains on the server


Facts about hardware RAID cards; work in progress. Depends on the blockdevice facts.