Open the Dell iDRAC KVM easily from the command line
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Important Note

Sorry folks - I haven't had much time recently to improve this script, and I think that it's become non-functional (at least the parts that depend on the old slop gem). If someone wants to take this over, feel free. - Jason Gill


This script makes it easy to access the Dell iDRAC KVM from the command line, without having to open a browser.

Requires the rest-client, net-ssh-gateway, and slop gems. Install with:

sudo gem install rest-client net-ssh-gateway slop

You will also need a working copy of javaws, and it has been reported that the non-Sun/Oracle copy of javaws included with some Linux distros don't work. You may want to test that you can actually get to the KVM viewer manually before using this script.

Note that if you are running idrac-kvm.rb from a Linux machine, this script will automatically attempt to compile the iDRAC Keycode hack from This hack is required to make the arrow keys work.

The script also tries to clean up after itself, even if the Java viewer crashes (which is often). The script will automatically send the logout command to the server and close your session out cleanly so that you do not get locked out of the iDRAC interface. If the logout command is not sent, you may find yourself getting an odd error when trying to connect again - not a very good situation if your server is offline.

Note that this has only been tested against Dell iDRAC6 so far - if you have an older DRAC card that I can use for testing, please let me know (or submit a pull request with a patch)


Usage: ./idrac-kvm.rb [options]


    --bounce        Bounce server (optional). Use host:port to change default port.
    --login         Your username on bounce server (optional; defaults to your username)
    --server        Remote server IP (required)
    --user          Remote username (optional; defaults to root)
    --password      Remote password (required)
    --help          Print this help message


To log in via a SSH tunnel to an intermediate server:

./idrac-kvm.rb --bounce --login youruser --server --password calvin

To log in directly to an iDRAC host

./idrac-kvm.rb --server --password calvin