Lets you view PNGs that have been optimized for the iOS
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iPhone Image Viewer.xcodeproj


iPhone Image Viewer


When you compile an app for iOS, it converts PNGs in your app into an optimized form. These cannot be viewed normally on your computer.

This app allows you to view those iphone optimized images.


Run this app in the simulator. You will see your desktop and iphone os framework folders (if you have them installed in the default location). From here you can view and save the images inside those folders.

Add any iphone optimized PNGs or folders with optimized PNGs in them to your desktop then refresh the app and check them out. The app will filter out any files which are not folders or PNGs, so go ahead and add a whole app bundle or whatever. Hit the refresh button in the app to refresh the files. You can select a file and hit save to save an un-optimized version of the PNG to your Desktop (in a folder called "iOS Optimized PNG Viewer Saved Images").

You can copy some iphone frameworks to your desktop to look inside of them or copy an app's .ipa folder to look at it's images. See below for instructions.


I use this to look at Apple's iphone images in the SDK. Then I can use them in my apps. You could also use it to check out the images in some other app by copying the bundle from itunes (See below for how to do this).


I slapped this together in a day so it is very unoptimized. Feel free to contribute and upgrade code. Some upgrades that would be nice:

  • Search
  • Fullscreen image view (like the photos app)
  • More comments

Viewing images in SDK

This is where we get the framework paths from (we get the latest version available)

  • /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulatorX.X.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks
  • /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneSimulatorX.X.sdk/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks

Viewing images in any App from iTunes

  1. Right click on app in iTunes and click "Show in Finder"
  2. Copy .ipa file to your Desktop
  3. Change extension from .ipa to .zip
  4. Double-click to extract app from zip file
  5. Check it out in iPhone Image Viewer app

Viewing images in .artwork files

You can't do that with this app, but you can with this one.


Please help by tackling these todo items :)

  • Finished for now!