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JS rules for Bazel

Ecosia specific JS Bazel rules to be used with the NodeJS rules


# These rules depend on running Node.js
    name = "build_bazel_rules_nodejs",
    urls = [""],
    strip_prefix = "rules_nodejs-0.30.1",
    sha256 = "50fa0f31ca1deb1cffde4cfb546bc6d15d6cac39880f6ff3c883d66f98736f4b",

    name = "ecosia_bazel_rules_nodejs_contrib",
    urls = [""],
    strip_prefix = "bazel_rules_nodejs_contrib-6450754ab9c44e627c7e90a5838a59f4cc45e76e",
    sha256 = "dda6a6af4361717a36d9e3bc1c0464ff55be1aacd2a2fc6c61e6524f95930268",

load("@build_bazel_rules_nodejs//:defs.bzl", "node_repositories")

# Point to the package.json file so Bazel can run the package manager for you.
node_repositories(package_json = ["//:package.json"])

# This loads the dependencies for the rules in this repository
load("@ecosia_bazel_rules_nodejs_contrib//:defs.bzl", "node_contrib_repositories")



For usage of each rule have a look in the examples directory.


Converts json files to treeshakable ES modules

json_to_js(name, srcs)


Converts toml files to treeshakable ES modules

toml_to_js(name, srcs, strict)


Provides transitive dependcy support for custom files to be imported in js. Like svg or proto files that will get compiled to js by an upstream rule. This exists mostly for compatibility and migration reasons, as ideally each of these files would have ther own x_to_js or similar rules.

js_import(name, srcs)


Converts a vue component to an ES module with the css injected into the js.

vue_component(name, src)


A generic js_library rule that provides transitive dependency support for bazelbuild/rules_nodejs as well as some basic interoperability with ts_devserver.

js_library(name, srcs, deps, module_name, module_root)


This rule provides compilation support with babel as well as transitive dependency support for bazelbuild/rules_nodejs and interoperability with ts_devserver.

The default label for the babel binary is @npm//@bazel/babel/bin:babel as it is eventually expected to be a hosted package. For now you can either create a nodejs_binary including the babel.js in your workspace or add a file: dependency into your package.json similar to the example provided here. If no custom babelrc is provided it defaults to @babel/preset-env with umd compilation the way ts_devserver expects.

babel_library(name, srcs, deps, data, module_name, module_root, babel, babelrc)

Build file generation

Build file generation is provided as a plugin for gazelle and still WIP and to a certain degree coupled to our internal js setup. It should not be difficult to extend / make it more generic though. It makes use of the js_library and jest_node_test provided in these rules. It also supports ts_library as well as an option to swap out js_library generation with babel_library.

To setup the gazlle plugin follow the installation instructions provided by the repository and additionally add the following to your root level BUILD.bazel:

load("@bazel_gazelle//:def.bzl", "DEFAULT_LANGUAGES", "gazelle", "gazelle_binary")

# gazelle:exclude node_modules

    name = "gazelle",
    gazelle = ":gazelle_js",
    # optionally to configure
    extra_args = [
        "-npm_workspace_name", # define a custom workspace name instead of @npm
        "-js_library", # will use babel_library instead of js_library
        "-js_import_extensions", # will generate js_import for .svg and .proto files
        "-alias_import_support", # support resolving alias import statements, like "~/"
        "-generate_js_tests", # enables jest_node_test generation for .test.js files

    name = "gazelle_js",
    languages = DEFAULT_LANGUAGES + [
    visibility = [


The code in this repository is not actively supported / developed as these rules have currently only been used for experimentation and bazel is being evaluated for internal use. PRs and bug fixes would most likely be accepted though.


Ecosia specific JS Bazel rules to be used with the NodeJS rules




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