Barebone IRC Client written with Clojure. Toy Project.
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What is this?

This is a barebone IRC client.


  • Latest Google Chrome
  • Firefox doesn’t work.

How to Run

lein clean
lein deps
java -cp 'lib/*:src/' clojure.main src/start_server.clj

Wait 10 seconds. Then navigate to: http://localhost:3005/

Within a minute, you’ll see irc freenode server output. The client will automatically join irc:// Type message in textbox to chat in channel.

If you don’t see any server output. Try refreshing the browser. Then PM the clj-powered-bot to cause server output.

Why did I built it?

Out of curiosity.

Here are some of the technologies I played around with:

  • websockets
  • clojure (and futures)
  • lamina (like GO channels)
  • aleph (serving http requests with channels)
  • compojure (like django)
  • hiccup (DSL for HTML)