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(ns llvm
(:use [native])
(:import com.sun.jna.Pointer)
(:import com.sun.jna.Function))
(let [llvm-api [["LLVMDoubleType" Pointer 0]
["LLVMInt32Type" Pointer 0]
["LLVMInt64Type" Pointer 0]
["LLVMConstString" Pointer 3]
["LLVMRecompileAndRelinkFunction" Pointer 2]
["LLVMConstInt" Pointer 3]
["LLVMConstReal" Pointer 2]
["LLVMModuleCreateWithName" Pointer 1]
["LLVMBuildCall" Pointer 5]
["LLVMDisposeModule" Boolean 1]
["LLVMBuildRet" Pointer 2]
["LLVMDumpModule" Void 1]
["LLVMWriteBitcodeToFile" Integer 2]
["LLVMCreateBuilder" Pointer 0]
["LLVMModuleCreateWithName" Pointer 1]
["LLVMBuildGlobalString" Pointer 3]
["LLVMBuildGlobalStringPtr" Pointer 3]
["LLVMGetTypeName" Pointer 2]
["LLVMAppendBasicBlock" Pointer 2]
["LLVMPositionBuilderAtEnd" Pointer 2]
["LLVMTypeOf" Pointer 1]
["LLVMOpaqueType" Pointer 0]
["LLVMFunctionType" Pointer 4]
["LLVMAddFunction" Pointer 3]]]
(doseq [[name ret-type num-args] llvm-api]
(import-llvm-c-func "LLVM-2.9" name ret-type num-args)))
(def wrap-func-type)
(defn wrap-type [clj-type]
(let [type-map {Double (LLVMDoubleType)
Integer (LLVMInt32Type)
String (LLVMTypeOf (LLVMConstString "hello" 5 false))}
lookup (type-map clj-type)]
(sequential? clj-type) (wrap-func-type clj-type)
lookup lookup
:else (do (prn clj-type) (assert nil)))))
(defn sanitize-array [arr]
(if (seq arr) (into-array arr) nil))
(defn wrap-func-type [[ret params]]
(let [func-type (fn [params variadic?]
(LLVMFunctionType (wrap-type ret)
(sanitize-array (map wrap-type params))
(count params)
(if (= (last params) :...)
(func-type (drop-last params) true)
(func-type params false))))
(defmulti wrap-value class)
(defmethod wrap-value Double [v]
(LLVMConstReal (wrap-type (class v)) v))
(defmethod wrap-value String [v]
(LLVMConstString v (count v) false))
(defmethod wrap-value Integer [v]
(LLVMConstInt (wrap-type (class v)) v false))
(defmethod wrap-value :default [v] v)
(defn build-call [builder fn args]
(LLVMBuildCall builder fn (sanitize-array (map wrap-value args)) (count args) ""))
;; type = [return-type [param-type1 param-type2]]
(defn add-function [mod name type]
(LLVMAddFunction mod name (wrap-type type)))
(def init? false)
(defn init! []
(llvm-call "InitializeX86TargetInfo" Pointer)
(llvm-call "InitializeX86Target" Pointer))
(when-not init?
(def init? true)
(defn create []
(let [b (LLVMCreateBuilder)
mymod (LLVMModuleCreateWithName "cool")]
[b mymod]))
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