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2 parents 698e5f2 + f248d79 commit cc0a2e3092a911461da33a067cbc89e17f1193bf @nathanmarz nathanmarz committed Dec 10, 2012
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* Added MultiScheme interface (thanks sritchie)
* Added MockTridentTuple for testing (thanks emblem)
* Updated Trident Debug filter to take in an identifier to use when logging (thanks emblem)
+ * Bug fix: Fix for bug that could cause topology to hang when ZMQ blocks sending to a worker that got reassigned
* Bug fix: Fix deadlock bug due to variant of dining philosophers problem. Spouts now use an overflow buffer to prevent blocking and guarantee that it can consume the incoming queue of acks/fails.
* Bug fix: Fix race condition in supervisor that would lead to supervisor continuously crashing due to not finding "stormconf.ser" file for an already killed topology
* Bug fix: bin/storm script now displays a helpful error message when an invalid command is specified

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