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Revision history for Perl extension DBICx::AutoDoc.
- Added another patch from Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåkerin to correctly
show multidimentional column sizes. I should have looked all the
way through the queue before releasing... RT#44843
- Added a patch from Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåkerin to show ENUM values.
- Fixed a bug where comments on columns were not rendered correctly.
Reported, and patch supplied, by Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåkerin RT#44844
- Added Tie::IxHash to the list of requirements. Reported by
Anders Nor Berle.
- Added documentation for the undocumented internal methods of
- Fixed a bug in get_unique_constraints_for.
- Made schema_version return 1 if no version is defined.
- Corrected the documentation for the templates.
- Added missing footer to the main documentation template.
- Added unique constraints to the main documentation template.
- Factored out the comments into a separate template, for ease
of maintenance.
- Added a -I option to dbicx-autodoc, so you can document schemas that
aren't in @INC.
- Fixed the argument processing for dbicx-autodoc a bit.
- Corrected a dumb bug in DBICx::AutoDoc->output_filename that made
output always go to the current directory.
- Added examples to the distribution, so they will show up on CPAN.
- Added documentation to dbicx-autodoc.
- Added some missing dependencies to Makefile.PL
- Fixed the MANIFEST, first time releasing with Module::Install, and
the first time I used ShipIt, combined they made me break the release. :)
- Fixed a documentation typo
- Initial release