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[vim] solarized.vim add new diff modes to options and menu

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1 parent d8aaf70 commit 295f56b0121a9d3d40ce12e7e99ab35803cbacc6 @altercation altercation committed May 1, 2011
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  1. +18 −1 colors/solarized.vim
@@ -218,6 +218,7 @@ call s:SetOption("italic",1) " note that we need to override this later if the t
call s:SetOption("termcolors",16)
call s:SetOption("contrast","normal")
call s:SetOption("visibility","low")
+call s:SetOption("diffmode","normal")
call s:SetOption("menu",1)
@@ -631,11 +632,23 @@ exe "hi! WarningMsg" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_red .s:bg_none
exe "hi! WildMenu" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base2 .s:bg_base02 .s:fmt_revbb
exe "hi! Folded" .s:fmt_undb .s:fg_base0 .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_base03
exe "hi! FoldColumn" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base0 .s:bg_base02
+if (g:solarized_diffmode=="high")
exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_green .s:bg_none
exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_none
exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_red .s:bg_none
exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_revr .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none
-exe "hi! SignColumn" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base0 .s:bg_base02
+elseif (g:solarized_diffmode=="low")
+exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_green .s:bg_none .s:sp_green
+exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_none .s:sp_yellow
+exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_red .s:bg_none
+exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none .s:sp_blue
+else " normal
+exe "hi! DiffAdd" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_green .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_green
+exe "hi! DiffChange" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_yellow .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_yellow
+exe "hi! DiffDelete" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_red .s:bg_base02
+exe "hi! DiffText" .s:fmt_bold .s:fg_blue .s:bg_base02 .s:sp_blue
+exe "hi! SignColumn" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_base0
exe "hi! Conceal" .s:fmt_none .s:fg_blue .s:bg_none
exe "hi! SpellBad" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_none .s:bg_none .s:sp_red
exe "hi! SpellCap" .s:fmt_curl .s:fg_none .s:bg_none .s:sp_violet
@@ -963,6 +976,10 @@ if g:colors_name == "solarized"
if g:solarized_underline==0 | let l:underlineswitch="On" | else | let l:underlineswitch="Off" | endif
exe "amenu &Solarized.&Styling.&Turn\\ Underline\\ ".l:underlineswitch." :let g:solarized_underline=(abs(g:solarized_underline-1)) \\| colorscheme solarized<CR>"
+ amenu &Solarized.&Diff\ Mode.&Low\ Diff\ Mode :let g:solarized_diffmode="low" \| colorscheme solarized<CR>
+ amenu &Solarized.&Diff\ Mode.&Normal\ Diff\ Mode :let g:solarized_diffmode="normal" \| colorscheme solarized<CR>
+ amenu &Solarized.&Diff\ Mode.&High\ Diff\ Mode :let g:solarized_diffmode="high" \| colorscheme solarized<CR>
amenu &Solarized.&Help.&Solarized\ Help :help solarized<CR>
amenu &Solarized.&Help.&Toggle\ Background\ Help :help togglebg<CR>
amenu &Solarized.&Help.&Removing\ This\ Menu :help solarized-menu<CR>

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