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Trick-knee Build Status

"My trick-knee been actin' up -- must be a storm a-comin'"

The goal of this project is a simple bit of code to give you another 'sense' for your projects. You can think of it like a Build Monitor, but for those places where visual indicators don't make as much sense like the commandline.

This builds a core executable jar that can be integrated into other projects. The jar can also be used inside any other JVM-friendly project.


As a pre-built Java jar:

java -jar trick-knee-0.1.jar some.conf

The some.conf file can be a path to a configuration file in JSON (or technically anything supported by TypeSafe's Config library).

A simple (self-)example would be:

  twinges: [
    { type: "travis-ci", username: "jasonklarsen", repository: "trick-knee" }

This sets up a "twinge" of the knee to be sensitive to the Travis-CI integration for this project. Other types of twinges are listed below.

Supported Twinges Types

  • Travis CI - Type is travis-ci, and the currently supported configuration parameters are username and repository. This checks the top level status.
  • more to be developed!

Supported Integration Patterns

  • As a standalone jar, see above example.
  • More patterns to be developed!


  • Explanations of how to use in a JVM project
  • Links to derived projects (sbt plugin?)
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