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🎒 Stanford CS193P 2017
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Stanford CS193P 2017

Lecture 1

Slides Reading Assignment

  • Creating a project in XCode 8 (Calculator)
  • Building a UI
  • The iOS Simulator
  • Print (outputting to the console using \() notation)
  • Defining a class in Swift, including how to specify instance variables and methods
  • Connecting properties (instance variables) from our Swift code to the UI (outlets)
  • Connecting UI elements to invoke methods in our Swift code (actions)
  • Accessing iOS documentation from our code
  • Optionals (?, unwrapping implicitly by declaring with !, and unwrapping explicitly with ! and if let)

Lecture 2

Slides Programming Assignment

  • MVC
  • struct vs. class (mutating, etc.)
  • public versus private API
  • More examples of Optional
  • Dictionary<KeyType,ValueType>
  • enum
  • Associated values
  • Switch
  • Functions as types
  • Closure syntax for defining functions “on the fly”
  • UIStackView
  • First peek at Autolayout (stick things to the edges)

Lecture 3


  • What are Optionals really?
  • Tuples
  • Range
  • Data Structures, Methods and Properties
  • Array, Dictionary<K,V>, String, et. al.
  • Initialization
  • AnyObject, introspection and casting (is and as)
  • UserDefaults
  • assert

Lecture 4


  • Custom Views

Lecture 5

Slides Reading Assignment Programming Assignment

  • Demo (FaceIt)
  • Gestures
  • Multiple MVCs

Lecture 6


  • Multiple MVCs
  • View Controller Lifecycle
  • Time Permitting
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