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<img src="/images/jason.jpg" class="mugshot" alt="Photo of Jason">
I have a <strong>Computer Science degree</strong> from <strong>The Ohio State University College of Engineering</strong> and over a dozen years of experience in the software and web development industries. Despite my technical background, I have always been more passionate about the visual design side of software creation. <strong>Front-end development</strong> and <strong>user interface design</strong> provide me with the perfect arena for flexing both sides of my brain.</p>
- <p>I have been working independently for five years, but most of my work these days is with the technical heavy hitters at <a href="">Relevance</a>.</p>
<p>I live with my wife (of over ten years) and two awesome kids in <strong>Columbus, Ohio</strong>. When I'm not sketching boxes or pushing pixels, I enjoy <strong>running</strong> and <strong>reading</strong> (though not at the same time).</p>

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