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- <p><img src="/images/jason.jpg" alt="Jason" />I have a Computer Science degree from The Ohio State University College of Engineering and over a dozen years of experience in the software and web development industries. Despite my technical background, I have always been more passionate about the visual design side of software craftsmanship. Front-end development and user interface design provide me with the perfect arena for flexing both sides of my brain.</p>
+ <p><img src="/images/jason.jpg" alt="Jason" />I made my first website back in 1994 as Computer Science engineering student at The Ohio State University and I've been hooked ever since. WIth my technical background and passion for visual design, front-end web development and UI design is the perfect outlet for my skills and interests.</p>
- <p>I live with my wife (of over ten years) and two awesome kids in Columbus, Ohio. When I'm not sketching boxes or pushing pixels, I enjoy running and reading (preferably not at the same time).</p>
+ <p>I love to collaborate with other talented people on exciting projects. Sometimes I supply hardcore development shops with some creative juice. Other times I work with pure design agencies and bring a much-needed propeller hat. For the right-sized project, I can be the one-man band that brings your idea to life.</p>
+ <p>I live in Columbus, Ohio where I've been married for over a dozen years and a dad for nearly ten. When I'm not pushing pixels or slinging code, I enjoy running and reading (preferably not at the same time).</p>
<section id="contact">

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