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Devember 11 - Router Builder Start

More cleanup today, but more importantly, started working on the Router
Builder.  This is the magic part of it all.  The part that makes it
possible to create routers and merge together commands without actually
having to write any code.  So it's getting close to be even more fun.

Happy to say as well that the build stuff I built up yesterday on
Devember 10 worked on my Windows machine without issue.  So I can
successfully run this on both my Windows and Mac without issue.  So
that's a plus.

Note: spending an hour working on this might not seem like much, but
what I'm able to accomplish is still encouraging.
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jasonlotito committed Dec 11, 2016
1 parent 8954615 commit 8d3855a378cae671593e4de570f5ff33cdc1e57b
@@ -11,4 +11,5 @@
- [ ] Allow commands to easily operate on small portions of data and pass it on
- [ ] Aync command execution
- [ ] Need to do type checking on input
- [ ] Commands should be dynamically added, they should register themselves?
- [ ] Commands should be dynamically added, they should register themselves?
- [ ] Direct 404's to index.html
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ getConfig.forEach( ( routeSetting ) => {
} else {
console.log('send file ', acceptHeaders);
var options = {
const options = {
root: __dirname + '/public/',
dotfiles: 'deny',
headers: {

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