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hey @jasonm, I recently made some minor updates to the gem and later saw, that other people added a lot of useful stuff like specs and pusher integration. most of that work was done by @patricksrobertson , I just curated most of that. It would be great if this could be merged to the main repo as it's got a proper test suite and some useful additions.

wm and others added some commits Oct 29, 2011
@wm wm Add secure option for syncing with faye f583fbd
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add an after touch observer. Remove unecessary begin statement from o…
…ther observers.
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add subchannel to Faye::Event#new, allowing an override for child obj…
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Avoid subchannel local variable ambiguity. 36578ba
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Give observers mixing in the Faye::Observer the ability to override t…
…he subchannel.
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add model into the subchannel call. 879c6fb
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Merge pull request #1 from IoraHealth/add-touch-observer
Add an after touch observer
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Merge pull request #2 from IoraHealth/add-subchannel-override
Add subchannel to Faye::Event#new, allowing an override for child objects.
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Merge pull request #3 from IoraHealth/add-channel-override-to-observer
Add channel override to observer
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Switch to RSpec. 7ad3d42
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Modify gitignore. 239a976
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add observer tests. 069b2d2
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Remove the test log. 453ee2a
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add subchannel specs in. 4c67f34
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add jasmine tests. a707b49
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add jasmine:ci into the Rakefile. ab8bc89
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Merge pull request #4 from IoraHealth/switch-to-rspec
Switch to RSpec
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add basic authorization to the faye client. c3136fe
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Add some fake server responses in for flavor. 631b472
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Fixed logic typo. cedcef7
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Added a leave function that I lost along the way. 6824d1e
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Merge pull request #5 from IoraHealth/basic-authorization
Basic authorization
@dbloete dbloete Make it work with the current version of Backbone (0.9.1) b6a8d57
@dennisreimann dennisreimann Allow for specifying subchannel on instances
This makes sense for situations where one needs to subscribe to changes in nested models. Situations like every chat channel has a list of messages and the channel just needs to receive updates for its message collection.
@dennisreimann dennisreimann Ignore .rvmrc 8827b70
@dennisreimann dennisreimann Bump 0.0.9 6a6ebd4
@logankoester logankoester Preliminary work to support Pusher as a transport option a8c20ef
@grahamlyus grahamlyus Fix message data and bind to channel instead of pusher client. 94cbd3a
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Allow unsubscription from Faye. ae6482d
@patricksrobertson patricksrobertson Update the Faye channel when a model is touched. 4eb6c8b
@wm wm Add secure option for syncing with faye 679c62f
@dennisreimann dennisreimann Merged a couple of changes from patricksrobertson 8db3b68
@dennisreimann dennisreimann Updated gems bf4fa48
@dennisreimann dennisreimann Bump 0.1.0 fb30f7b

@jasonm can you provide feedback for that or mention things that'd need to be changed?


I couldn't even get Jason to pull these things in while we were on the same development team :P. I keep most of these changes alive in my fork of:


@patricksrobertson so, basically, the gem isn't maintained anymore?

jasonm commented Apr 12, 2012

Yikes whoa wow - somehow I missed the notification on this originally. Sorry about that. It's true that I haven't actively maintained this. I'm happy to merge and review this, but since I'm not actively using the gem, it's less likely I'll be the best one to maintain it.

Apparently there are 5 pull reqs, not sure how I missed these. Maybe they were lost in a flood of iorahealth pull req notifications ;)

@patricksrobertson how do you feel about making iorahealth the canonical repo? I'm happy to give ownership over the gem.


@jasonm I think we can aim to make the Iora fork the canonical source. I'm all for more people using a library so I stop developing things that are easy for just my use case.

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