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Deploying to production

Heroku is recommended for the papernaut-engine web application.

Set the following required environment variables:

SECRET_TOKEN:                   (redacted)...

Running the zotero/translation-server on EC2

  • Start with a lucid/ebc AMI: ami-fe5bd4ce
  • Using lucid because some xulrunner-sdk prereqs are satisfied neatly by the xulrunner-dev apt package, which isn't available in newer repo. This could be improved.
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install xulrunner-dev git-core

  mkdir dev ; cd dev

    tar xvf xulrunner-14.0.1.en-US.linux-x86_64.sdk.tar.bz2

    git clone
    cd translation-server

      ln -s ../xulrunner-sdk

      git submodule init
      git submodule update
      cd modules/zotero
        git submodule init
        git submodule update
        cd ../..

      echo "update config directory:"
      ls -d ~/dev/translation-server/modules/zotero/translators
      grep translation-server.translatorsDirectory config.js
      echo "use vim or nano or whatever, but you've gotta update it ^^"

  • Try a query!
curl -d '{"url":"","sessionid":"abc123"}' \
     --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  • Or:
cd ~/dev/journalclub/engine \
    rails runner "Page.unidentified.first.identify"
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