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Nodester API CLI access Build Status

This app is a little wrapper around the REST API for the Nodester OS Node hosting platform.


npm install nodester-cli -g


In your CLI run one of these commands:

$ nodester 
$ nodester app <usage>
$ nodester user <usage>

Each of them will outpot the help for the respective command.

Local installation

If you have your own instance of Nodester installed on your own server, the command line app is designed to work with that too. Currently it supports 3 environment variables to change a couple of default settings.

Here is a simple example:


export NODESTER_BRAND=davster;
nodester "$@"

In the newest version of nodester-cli you can easily switch betwen instances running:

$ nodester config set <apiendpoint> <brand>

after this you can access to your instance. To rollback to the nodester endpoint run:

$ nodester config set nodester

Also you can see what is the current configuration running:

$ nodester config get

Also you can take a look at examples and see how can you roll out your personal nodester-cli


The nodester community (nodester authors):

- [Chris Matthieu](
- [Daniel Bartlett <>](
- [Dav Glass <>](http://twitter/@davglass)
- Abraham Williams <>
- Contra <>
- Marcos Oliveira <>
- [Alejandro Morales](


MIT 2012 - Nodester