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Commits on Sep 21, 2011
  1. Added reference to play dsl

    Zhao Lu committed
  2. Updated voice prompt to include beep

    Zhao Lu committed
  3. Reinstate sass-rails. Now using 3-1-stable branch which contains the …

    Zhao Lu committed
    …fix to issue mentioned in this commit: e9ff1ae
  4. added database creation for travis

    Zhao Lu committed
Commits on Sep 20, 2011
  1. Update rails to 3.1.0. Out of beta finally!

    Zhao Lu committed
  2. Replaced private git clone url with public url for dsl as travis-ci d…

    Zhao Lu committed
    …oesn't work with private url, even for public repo.
  3. Replaced timed out state from call with timeout from CallBehaviour.

    Zhao Lu committed
    This is the first step towards using dsl to maintain call state instead of client code.
  4. Removed vendor/gems/connfu

    Zhao Lu committed
    We can now include connfu in Gemfile.
    Replicated logic from connfu's spec_helper to ov2's spec_helper.
Commits on Sep 19, 2011
  1. Using play repo hosted on o2

    Zhao Lu committed
  2. updated reference to dsl repo and connfu gem

    Zhao Lu, zlu committed
Commits on Sep 1, 2011
  1. updated connfu gem - delegating event parsing to subclasses

    Chris Roos & Zhao Lu, zlu committed
Commits on Aug 26, 2011
  1. @chrisroos
  2. @chrisroos

    Renamed @joined_call_id and @joined_call_jid to @openvoice_endpoint_c…

    chrisroos committed
    …all_id and @openvoice_endpoint_call_jid respectively.
    I think this makes it clearer that we're dealing with an openvoice endpoint.
  3. @chrisroos

    Renamed @call_id and @call_jid to @incoming_call_id and @incoming_cal…

    chrisroos committed
    …l_jid respectively.
    I think this makes it clearer that we're dealing with the incoming call leg.
  4. @chrisroos

    Piston updated connfu.

    chrisroos committed
  5. answered_event was a confusing name for a variable which may also be …

    Tom Ward & Zhao Lu committed
    …a rejected or timeout event
  6. @tomafro

    Remove common call logging and and hangup logic from logic to establi…

    tomafro committed
    …sh round robin and parallel calls.
  7. @tomafro
  8. @tomafro
  9. @tomafro
  10. @lazyatom-and-floehopper
  11. @lazyatom-and-floehopper
  12. @lazyatom-and-floehopper
  13. @lazyatom-and-floehopper
  14. @lazyatom-and-floehopper
  15. @chrisroos

    Piston updated connfu.

    chrisroos committed
    The latest version makes it more explicit that a Stop command is sent to a Component Id.
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
  1. @chrisroos-and-lazyatom

    If no endpoint answered with round-robin, send the caller to voicemail

    chrisroos-and-lazyatom committed
    This should cover all the scenarios for voicemail with the round-robin strategy; we are awaiting feedback about how to handle parallel dial.
  2. @chrisroos-and-lazyatom

    The handler should finish if the caller hangs up during the recording…

    chrisroos-and-lazyatom committed
    … of a voicemail.
    The latest version of Connfu provides this out of the box but we're adding a test to describe the behaviour of our incoming call script.
  3. @chrisroos-and-lazyatom

    Callers should be able to leave a message when an Openvoice user reje…

    chrisroos-and-lazyatom committed
    …cts the incoming call.
    We've started with the scenario where Openvoice users have round-robin dialling configured.  Actively rejecting the incoming call from any of the Openvoice user's endpoints sends the caller to voicemail.
    There's no way of listening to the voicemail yet, but that's a different story already.
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