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Because it's better to code together than alone (and even better with coffee & beer)
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Central PA Coworking

A collaborative list of Central Pennsylvania locations that are decent to get stuff done

The Map



How to contribute

  1. Fork the project
  2. Add or edit a location by editing and following the format in central-pa-coworking.geojson (hint, it's geoJSON)
  3. Submit a pull request

Validating the geoJSON

When you submit a pull request, it will automatically check to ensure your geoJSON is valid.

If you'd like to check yourself, you can run ./script/cibuild locally, or pasting the contents of bars.geojson into

How to find the lat/long of a location


Because coding together is better than coding alone (TM)

Special Thanks

  • @benbalter: For creating awesome stuff I shamelessly rip off.
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