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Upgrading forked-daapd
From time to time, newer versions of forked-daapd may need to perform a
database upgrade. This upgrade is handled by forked-daapd upon startup if
Before upgrading forked-daapd, it is always a good idea to backup your
database, just in case.
The database upgrade procedure is built into forked-daapd; there is no
external upgrade script to run. Depending on the changes done to the database
structure, the upgrade process will take more or less time and may need some
space in /tmp for temporary data. The upgrade can also require some more space
in the directory containing the database file.
Before running the new forked-daapd version, make sure you have done your
backups and checked your disk space.
Some upgrades can also trigger a full rescan to rebuild parts of the database,
so startup will be a bit slower and more resource-intensive than usual.
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