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@@ -31,8 +31,14 @@ A single forked-daapd instance can handle several clients concurrently,
regardless of the protocol.
-Pairing with Remote on iPod/iPhone
+Using Remote
+If you plan to use Remote with forked-daapd, read the following sections
+ Pairing with Remote on iPod/iPhone
+ ----------------------------------
forked-daapd can be paired with Apple's Remote application for iPod/iPhone;
this is how the pairing process works:
@@ -90,6 +96,32 @@ capture the output in a file to extract the real, correct name.
Hit Ctrl-C to terminate avahi-browse.
+ Selecting output devices
+ ------------------------
+Remote gets a list of output devices from the server; this list includes any
+and all devices on the network we know of that advertise AirTunes: AirPort
+Express, Apple TV, ... It also includes the local audio output, that is, the
+sound card on the server (even if there is no soundcard).
+By default, if no output is selected when playback starts, the local output
+device will be used, following the principle of least surprise (ie not
+selecting an output device at random that can be anywhere in the house or
+elsewhere). forked-daapd will error out if the local output is not usable
+(no soundcard, bad permissions, ...).
+There are two ways to select the output devices in Remote:
+ - in the settings panel;
+ - in the AirPlay panel during playback.
+Be aware that the settings panel doesn't show any output device when there
+is only one; the one output device that is available is automatically used.
+forked-daapd remembers your selection and the individual volume for each
+output device; selected devices will be automatically re-selected at the next
+server startup, provided they appear in the 5 minutes following the startup
+and no playback has occured yet. Again, principle of least surprise.
AirTunes devices

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