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Initial setup

    git submodule init
    git submodule update

Install build dependencies

    On MeeGo:

        sudo ./

    On Ubuntu:

        sudo ./

    On Arch Linux:

        sudo ./

    On Mac OS X (using Homebrew):

        sudo ./

    On Red Hat Linux, CentOS 6 and Fedora:

        sudo ./

Additional dependencies for Mac OS X

    The dependencies script on Mac OS X does not install a C++ toolchain or
    the Qt libraries. Instead, you should install Xcode and the Qt SDK

Build and install


    By default, this will do a Release build. If you want to do a Debug
    build, you have to uncomment the correct line in

    If you want to build PySide against the Qt SDK, you have to set the
    environment variable QT_SDK_HOME - this variable needs to be set before
    "" is sourced, and before "build_and_install" is run.

Updating to the latest version

    git submodule foreach git checkout master
    git submodule foreach git pull

Working with the build

    source /path/to/
    python /path/to/