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base fork: jasonmoo/DumbledORM
base: master
head fork: nickl-/DumbledORM
compare: development
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Commits on May 25, 2012
@nickl- nickl- Added LICENSE file with MIT license in source. c679f8b
@nickl- nickl- Added composer.json package file and .gitignore to not include compos…
…er cruft
@nickl- nickl- Created bin src and test folders and moved the files. 9e3ef22
@nickl- nickl- Rename generate.php to just generate. c10ca17
@nickl- nickl- Removed duplicate config class from test.php d015065
@nickl- nickl- Clean whitespace only. f2fa003
@nickl- nickl- Add test bootstrapper to include composer autolouder 61704d3
@nickl- nickl- Added namespace to everything including the future generated files in…
… source.
@nickl- nickl- ran composer install to generate the composer.lock and the obfuscated…
… vender folder with the autoloader
Commits on May 26, 2012
@nickl- nickl- Stop tracking composer.lock. Even though this is suggested we would h…
…ave to get ta a released version first.
@nickl- nickl- Don't track model. dc3cdb3
@nickl- nickl- Add installation instructions. b1c70a8
@nickl- nickl- Prevent test bootstrap.php and bin/generate from failing before insta…
…llation but instead supply installation instructions
@nickl- nickl- O conventions conventions let me be thine bitch.
When DumbledORM went back home after an exciting year at Hogwarts no one recognized him because he now also has the magic of _autoload().

Major refactor of which the details are unfortunately completely obscured in this commit, due to the simple fact that nothing remains to compare against.

To aid with analyzing the patch herewith a list of the changes that were necessary to get DumbledORM to work as a Composer library:

 * added namespace DumbledORM
 * split classes into separate files following the conventional Classname.php pattern to comply with __autoload() expectations
 * moved classes to the src/__NAMESPACE__ folder as per convention
 * fixed reference faults which resulted from the namespace addition by utilizing the "use" operator instead of explicit references which aids readability IMO
 * an additional benefit to the previously mentioned strategy, it now also exposes the missing test cases not yet implemented because test.php is not "using" all the classes being provided.
 * i.o.w test.php is in the default namespace still to simulate and test usage outside of a namespace.
 * all the model entities are also still being generated under project_dir/model where they used to go and these POPOs, if you will excuse me for lack of a better acronym, can be referenced  through \User for example.
 * only change made to the code being generated was the addition of  ```use DumbledORM\BaseTable;``` required by base.php
 * autoload magic with compliments of Composer you now only have to add DumbledORM as a dependency to your own project or simply include one line: (see INSTALL)


require_once [PATH to DumbledORM].'/vendor/autoload.php';

@nickl- nickl- Spooks and Ghosts. This was supposed to be committed, who knows. 3f979d4
@nickl- nickl- More syntax changes 707418c
@nickl- nickl- Quick fix: allow runtime dbname change.
In order to cater for test database to be changed at runtime.
@nickl- nickl- More magic with JSON 1f9c487
@nickl- nickl- Added ropository 4c1da9b
Commits on Jun 02, 2012
@nickl- nickl- move config etc 101c5c7
@nickl- nickl- that didn't wark, try again 5a9e5f0
@nickl- nickl- that didn't wark, try again da881ee
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
@nickl- nickl- Lets try that again.
bin configuration dictates the bin scripts hopefully this will symlink the config file
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