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JMSlider is a sliding component that can be used to toggle three actions with a single button. For example, it can be used to allow for multiple actions at the end of lists/tables while keeping visual clutter to a minimum. The component is rendered entirely using Core Graphics so it does not require any additional images to be used in your projects.

How it looks

This is what JMSlider looks like out of the box, (or a video if you prefer):


A demo project is included in the repository so that you can give it a test drive. In brief, this is all you need to create the slider:

JMSlider *slider = [JMSlider sliderWithFrame:sliderFrame centerTitle:@"more" leftTitle:@"hide read" rightTitle:@"hide all" delegate:self];

By implementing the slider:didSelect: method, you will receive a callback when the tab selection changes.


JMSlider also supports the execution of blocks so that you can embed your logic inline, like this:

[slider setLeftExecuteBlock:^{ // do stuff after left option has been selected }];

Loading Indicator

The slider has a built-in activity indicator for convenience. To turn the activity indicator on:

[slider setLoading:YES];

The Demo project included also demonstrates how this can be used in your code.

Embedding in Table/ScrollViews

If you embed the slider in a tableView (e.g. in a UITableViewCell) be sure to call:

[tableView setCanCancelContentTouches:NO];

This will prevent the table/scrollView from scrolling vertically while the user is pressing down on the slider, which leads to a much better user experience.


You can subclass any of the slider's internal components, and then implement any/all of the following methods in your delegate:

-(JMCenterView *)sliderCenterViewForSlider:(JMSlider *)slider

-(JMSideView *)sliderLeftViewForSlider:(JMSlider *)slider

-(JMSideView *)sliderRightViewForSlider:(JMSlider *)slider

-(JMSliderTrack *)sliderTrackViewForSlider:(JMSlider *)slider

For example, Alien Blue subclasses JMCenterView to draw a dark version of the toggle in Night Mode.


This project uses the UIView+Positioning and UIView+Size categories developed by the very talented Kevin O'Neill.


JMSlider is BSD licensed, so you can freely use it in commercial applications.

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