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Project Radio

A small project to build out a data product based on track play information from the radio station 89.3 The Current (


You must have the following installed to run the project:

  • Intellij IDEA CE 2017.3
  • git
  • Java 1.8


The data is located in the project at data/playlist.csv. The CSV file contains the following data:

Column Type Description
id GUID Unique identifier of the track play
datetime Date/Time The date and time the track was played
artist String The name of the artist
title String The name of the title of the track
year Integer The year the track was played
month Integer The month the track was played
day Integer The day of the month the track was played
day_of_week String The name of the day of the week the track was played
week String The week of the year the track was played
hour String The hour of the day the track was played

Problem 1: Find Popular Tracks

For the day March 20, 2014, find the most popular track played on that day. To solve this problem you will need to:

  1. Parse the CSV data contained within the data/playlist.csv file
  2. Filter the rows in the file to March 20, 2014
  3. Count the unique instances of an artist and title
  4. Return the artist/title with the highest count