Script to email stake holders asking them to accept stories
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Our Pivotal Work Flow Overview
	Stake Holder (requested_by) creates a story
	Story is moved to backlog during Iteration Planning Meeting
	Designer/Developer works on story (Clicks Start)
	After a story is finished, Designer/Developer clicks Finish
	Cruise Control auto deploys the code to an acceptance environment
	Stake Holder verifies the story is working correctly
	Stake Holder adds any comments and adds a sh_accepted tag to the story
	Stake Holder should change status to rejected if they need changes made
This script will email stake holders when their Pivotal stories
have been finished or delivered, and they do not have a sh_accepted label.

It will email the person who requested the story, of if that account is
inactive in Pivotal, it will email config['invalid_users'] to let them
know the story needs to be assigned to a stake holder.

Quick Start
cp config.yml.example config.yml
vi config.yml
ruby ./pivotal_emailer.rb