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A working sample of Haxe Remoting from Browser JS to Server NodeJS
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This repo is an example of Haxe Remoting working between NodeJS Server and JS Browser client.

Building / Running

You will need the NodeJS "connect" module installed. To install, run

npm install connect             

Run these commands:

haxe client.hxml                # Compile the client
haxe server.hxml                # Compile the server
node out/node.js                # Run the server

Or have them all as one line:

haxe client.hxml; haxe server.hxml; node out/node.js

Then visit http://localhost:8000/ in your browser, and open the console/firebug.

What this shows

  • The 'remoting' haxelib does work, or at least, it would if it were running the latest version on github.
  • That you can have a NodeJS server and a JS client, both with haxe, sharing code and using remoting to pass objects back and forth and call functions.

Why did I bother?

  • I couldn't get the 'remoting' haxelib to work
  • The examples seemed confusing, and the haxelibs were out of date (not the author's fault - he hasn't been able to update)
  • I was determined to make it work, and needed a blank slate to test / debug.
  • Example code of this working will be useful not only for me, but for many interested in using haxe to target NodeJS.
  • If I comment it really well, I'll hopefully understand NodeJS alot better.

Using in your own project

Until Dion is able to update haxelib (it's not cooperating), this will only work with a more recent version from Git. Rather than using "haxelib install ...", we'll use git submodules. If you don't use git, you might have to download my repo and copy / paste.

If you do use GIT, these commands will add the submodules for you:

git submodule add lib/nodejs_externs
git submodule add lib/hx-node
git submodule add lib/haxe_remoting
git submodule add lib/transition9
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