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White space in code blocks being stripped #4

skial opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I switched to using mdown in Hocco and found that github style code blocks had all white space stripped out.

I think I found the problem. In doCodeSpans_cb the first ereg ~/^([ \t]*)/g works when its replaced with ~/^([ \t])/. Also the unit tests all pass as well.

I'm not that confident with regular expressions, which is why I haven't created a pull request, as I might have over looked something.

I'm also using Haxe 2.10rc as mdown doesn't work in macro mode before 2.10 because of unsupported ereg tags.




Hi Jason,

There's no rush at all!

I was surprised as well at how easy the fix was, that's why I think I missed something!



I tried compiling Sundown to hxcpp ages ago and extensions got passed through as a typedef which looks like :

typedef Extensions = {
    var no_intra_emphasis:Bool;
    var tables:Bool;
    var fenced_code:Bool;
    var autolink:Bool;
    var strikethrough:Bool;
    var lax_html_blocks:Bool;
    var space_headers:Bool;
    var superscript:Bool;

This is more locked down than your idea, but yours allow for more customisation.

@jasononeil jasononeil closed this issue from a commit
@jasononeil Fix problem with neko loosing whitespace in inline code blocks.
Re-enabled test which checks this

Fixes #4, also see README because I've just added support for Github Style
code blocks, but I think this is a separate issue however.
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