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  1. 58 downloads

    raw_crawler_eventcounts.txt.gz — Article metadata and aggregated counts for all crawler-collected indicators

    1.9MB · Uploaded

  2. 44 downloads

    df_research_norm_transform.txt.gz — all indicator eventcounts, normalized and transformed

    2.7MB · Uploaded

  3. 44 downloads

    df_all.txt.gz — all indicator eventcounts, unnormalized

    2.0MB · Uploaded

  4. 24 downloads — Article metadata and counts of all alt-metrics event types

    1.8MB · Uploaded

  5. 102 downloads

    event_trends.txt — counts of events occuring within 90 days of the articles they point to, by year+quarter and journal

    14KB · Uploaded

  6. 38 downloads — metadata for each event (tweet, bookmark, etc)

    14.6MB · Uploaded

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