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RBAC View Screenshot

RBAC View is a tool to visualize your RBAC permissions.

Current Status

This project is considered prerelease and is under active development.

Install with Krew

You can install as a kubectl plugin by using krew

kubectl krew install rbac-view


From inside this repository...

If you have npm installed and a working Go environment you can run:

make build

If not but you have Docker, you can run:

make builddocker

At the end you should have a binary called rbac-view in the operating system specific folders under bin.



The binary currently only supports the following output modes, and renders based on access to a Kuberentes cluster.

  • json to STDOUT
  • HTML server
./rbac-view --render html (default)
./rbac-view --render json


HTML Server Frontend

The web server serves up json representations and static assets compiled into the binary.

The static assets are generated utilizing npm and then compiled into the Go binary using fileb0x.

The frontend folder has a generated json file that you can develop against, so frontend developers can start developing right away by running:

npm run dev

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