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Now deprecated as GCCXML has been made easier to install.
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GCC-XML in Gem form

Deprecated Gem

GCCXML used to be quite difficult to install on all systems, but with the advent of tools like homebrew on Mac, it's much easier to build, install, and use GCCXML on all platforms.

This gem is no longer required, and the functionality has been merged into rbgccxml.

This package exists to make it easy for anyone to install the GCC-XML package on their system. Binary gems are provided at

There are two ways of using gccxml with this gem. You can access the executable directly via:


Or you can use the small Ruby lib that's included

require 'gccxml'

gccxml =

# Add any -I flags to the command

# Add any other flags to the command line

# You then tell GCCXML to parse a header file and tell it
# to write the resulting XML to output_file
gccxml.parse(path_to_header, output_file)


Project page:

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