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This work is not copyrighted. I place it into the public domain.
Do whatever you want with it, absolutely no restrictions, and no permission
necessary, as far as copyright issues are concerned.
In areas outside the reach of copyright, I still retain other rights. This
should go without saying, because this file is called "no_copyright".
1. I retain my moral rights. I am the original author of One Hour One Life,
and you are not, so don't claim or imply that you are. The version of
One Hour One Life that I have created and released is the only version
specifically authorized by me, the original author, and I wanted it to be
just the way that it is. Do not claim or imply that your versions or
alterations are authorized by me, or take actions that would confuse
people about which version is the original.
2. I retain my publicity rights, and my rights against defamation.
Do not claim or imply that I endorse, approve, or am financially
connected to whatever you're doing with my work. Do no lie about
me or my work, or mislead people about my work.
3. I retain my trademark rights. The name "One Hour One Life", my logos,
banners, trailers, and screen shots, along with the specific graphical,
auditory, and character elements in the official game, are my trademarks
for the multiplayer online game service that I'm operating. Do not operate
your own separate multiplayer online game service using any of these
marks, unless your service is explicitly limited to confirmed and verified
customers of my service.
Jason Rohrer
Davis, California
March 2019
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