PHP Library to access NBA API endpoints
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jasonroman Easing requirements on composer.json and requiring stable, adding sym…
…fony/intl component; by default not requiring SSL certification for


The StatsProd endpoints are failing SSL certification (from the NBA side); since the endpoints for this library all point to NBA domains, it should
be safe to not check the certificates, so by default do not check this. Also, if the local php intl component is not installed there will be Locale
errors on the unit tests, so require the symfony/intl component to resolve this.
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NBA API Library

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This is a PHP library used to access data across various endpoints on NBA websites. The full documentation can be found at This contains installation instructions, usage examples, and runnable/filterable reporting on all endpoints.


If you are having trouble retrieving requests that access, it appears that the NBA has blocked off access to these endpoints on some level; this blocking seems to occur on many cloud hosting providers such as Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean, and Heroku.

In my testing, these endpoints have always worked when developing locally.